Application Development

Challenge us with your bold vision and 75% of your planned spend, then see what we can produce. 

Our technology

We are focused on providing business solutions primarily utilising the IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and Java suites of products. In maintaining these technologies, we manage to produce technical excellence in leading edge technologies. This division offers technical and business consultants as well as contracted staff skilled in the aforementioned products.

While our skills are set across multiple technologies, we focus directly on business issues and deliverables so as to ensure that the best technologies are implemented to support the specific application.

Doing a project with us

We offer a wide range of services, from basic time and material assignments to large system development projects. Projects undertaken by us cover the full life-cycle, from business planning and IT strategy to technical implementation, including application development, system integration and maintenance. Projects may be completed on-site as well as off-site, where we accepts responsibility for the full development environment.

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Latest jobs

Specialist Product Engineer (Angular)

Contract Position Based in Cape Town Century City  We are looking for an Angular Developer to join our awesome team and deliver a streamlined user experience. We want a team member who strives to develop a first class codebase using Angular best practices. As an...

Data Engineer

Permanent Position - Based in Cape Town and Johannesburg  9 vacancies available   The purpose of the data engineer is to use their database, software engineering and programming skills to ensure that the necessary data is properly stored on the cloud platform and is...

Front End Developer

Permanent Position - Based in Cape Town and Johannesburg  5 vacancies available  Product development and implementation of software solutions to support the current and future business model. Experience 4 years’+ proven software development experience Essential...

Developer .Net Back End

Permanent Position - Based in Cape Town and Johannesburg  5 vacancies available  Responsible for the maintenance of legacy and development of new service orientated applications (SOA) according to specifications. Experience 4 years’+ proven development experience...

Analyst Developer .NET

Permanent Position - Based in Cape Town and Johannesburg  4 vacancies available  Responsible for the design and development of new Bank back-end applications according to specifications Experience 5 years' proven experience in software development Minimum SQL (T_SQL,...


WSO2 recognises DeARX in 2020 Partner Awards

 Top Partner of the Year 2020 – Middle East and Africa January each year marks the annual WSO2 partner bootcamp in Colombo Sri Lanka, home of WSO2. DeARX has been an attendee since the inaugural event in 2019 and is sad that in 2021 we were forced to shift to a few...